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"Caroline brings a natural, calm presence to her Yoga classes. Time is taken to clearly explain the path through the practice and the benefits we can achieve. Nothing is rushed or pushed on too quickly. How to breathe correctly is explained and encouraged. Learning is fun, informative , enjoyable, calming and restorative for both body and soul."


"This is a friendly, warm class in a beautiful environment. Caroline's knowledge and enthusiasm for yoga enables us to flow through the poses and feel relaxed, yet  refreshed by the end"


"One of the great things in life is when your mind is changed. I've always struggled with yoga, I've done it as people say its great for flexibility, health and wellbeing, particularly as you get older. That hadn't been the case for me, I tolerated it, took classes on an adhoc basis and gritted my teeth. Then i came across Caroline, I now get it, in fact love it. Her peaceful, gentle and encouraging style  has led me to understand yoga as a personal practice, centred around myself and my ability. I'll certainly never be a yogi but after each class I feel energised and peaceful."

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